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Category: Web Design Sussex

Web Design Sussex

Web Design Sussex

Below are the local searches for web design services:

Keyword Monthly Searches Average PPC
web design sussex 320 £6.88
web design eastbourne 260 £5.04
website design eastbourne 260 £5.04
web design east sussex 90 £6.24
eastbourne web design 40 £11.70
sussex web design 30 £3.90

As you can see, there are 1,000 potentially new customers each month searching for website designers in East and West Sussex.

Top 10 Web Designers in Sussex

To enable us to rank web designers on the first page of Google we must first analyze those already there:

Domain Page Back
Rank Page URL For Search Term “web design sussex” Authority Authority Links
1 31 42 1,090
2 29 40 2,992
3 35 44 8,848
4 43 52 45,265
5 34 44 8,845
6 39 49 6,684
7 34 45 3,308
8 26 38 547
9 37 48 11,950
10 32 43 3,923


The above is just a snapshot of three of the SEO factors that influences rankings in Google.

Web designers’ websites are slightly different to other websites in that they produce a large number of websites linking back to them. The quality of the links back is often dependent upon the kind of business their client is, but more commonly down to the quality of their work.


Choosing The Right Web Designer in Sussex

There are plenty of web designers to choose from. Search Google and check references from the top 3 results. Don’t just choose one from their (poor) presentation videos: